FluidFM® technology

Gentle and accurate single-cell injection and cytoplasmic biopsies.

Introducing the FluidFM® technology

Uniting the best features of microfluidics and force microscopy.

Our proprietary FluidFM (Fluidic Force Microscopy) technology uses closed microscopic channels in force sensitive probes. These probes have apertures down to 300 nm and allow to simultaneously sense interaction forces down to pN and to dispense or aspirate femtoliter volumes.  This truly unique combination enables novel experimental designs for a wide range of applications in life sciences, biophysics and mechanobiology.

Cross section of a FluidFM probe_FluidFM Technology
Microfluidic channel

Enables the handling of femtoliter volumes. Soluble molecules can be dispensed or aspirated through a sub-micrometer aperture at the tip of the probe.

FluidFM nano-injection – the red laser provides the force-feedback
Sensitive force-feedback

Provides a reliable distinction between gentle contact with cell membranes and perforation. Surfaces in liquid environments can be modified in a controlled fashion.

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FluidFM Technology – 3 modes for a variety of applications

Our hollow FluidFM Probes exist in a variety of tip shapes, aperture sizes and mechanical specifications, specifically designed to enable three basic modes. With those three modes and the combinations thereof, innovative new applications in neuroscience, virology, mechanobiology or cell line development become possible.

FluidFM Pick & place - Applications of the  FluidFM Technology

Pick & Place

Grab and relocate single cells and other micro-sized objects.

FluidFM Injection & sampling - Applications of the  FluidFM Technology

Injection & Sampling

Inject into and extract from single cells. Volume quantification possible.

FluidFM Localized dispensing - Applications of the  FluidFM Technology

Dispensing & Nanoprinting

Dispense the tiniest amount of liquid. In air or in immersion. 

FluidFM Technology – 3 probes for your application needs

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Applications of the  FluidFM Technology

CRISPR Gene Editing

Learn more about the FluidFM workflow for precision CRISPR gene engineering.

Applications of the  FluidFM Technology

Single-Cell Profiling

Find out more about the potential use of the FluidFM for temporal transcriptomics.

Applications of the  FluidFM Technology


Evaluate cell adhesion with the FluidFM technology in cell's natural environment.

Features & Benefits


Easy & Ready-to-use

The FluidFM chip, integrating the microfluidics and the hollow cantilever with its specific tip and aperture, comes pre-glued on a convenient adapter tailored to your system. Therefore, FluidFM Probes are ready to be filled and used for your experiment. Get started within minutes by pipetting the desired solution into the reservoir of the FluidFM Probe, connecting the probe to your system, filling the microchannel by applying a small positive pressure and the system is ready to be used. 

FluidFM probe zoom in FluidFM - Overview of the FluidFM Technology

FluidFM Probe zoom in: Every FluidFM Probe consists of a polymer adapter, tailored to the specific system, and a FluidFM chip that integrates the microfluidics as well as the hollow cantilever with a specific tip and aperture (last image).

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FluidFM has been invented more than 10 years ago with the first publication appearing in the journal Nanoletters in 2009. Now, we have more than 120 FluidFM installations spread across the globe and count some of the most prestigious corporations and academic institutions to our loyal and very active customer base. In addition, more than 100 high impact publications have been published over the last few years with FluidFM.

120+ Installations

With more than hundred installed FluidFM systems, scientific labs all around the globe are working with our cutting-edge technology.

Academy & Industry

Renowned academic institutions as well as cutting-edge research labs of the industry work with our FluidFM systems.

100+ Publications

Since its invention in 2009, FluidFM facilitates cutting-edge research results in life sciences, biophysics and mechanobiology.
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Cytosurge reference institutions - Overview of the FluidFM Technology

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