How the FluidFM ADD-ON brings even more "Bio" into BioAFMs

BioScope Resolve, FlexAFM and NanoWizard

Would you like to unlock unique biological applications for your AFM? Are you interested in single-cell experiments?

Then FluidFM might be the right technology to help you with your research.

Fluidic force microscopy – making scientific impact

Fluidic Force Microscopy (FluidFM) technology is a unique combination of microfluidics and atomic force microscopy. Each patented hollow FluidFM probe (i.e. cantilever) type unlocks a wealth of new applications for AFM users. Since its invention in 2009, FluidFM has gained the reputation of enabling unprecedented single cell biology and biophysical experiments.

FluidFM probes, its apertures and applications

The scientific appeal of FluidFM is underlined by already more than 60 publications with an impressive average impact factor above 8. Thanks to a rapidly growing user base with systems being placed at the moment in more than 70 laboratories around the globe, we expect even more breakthroughs by the FluidFM community soon. An important reason for this rapid user growth has been our selected partnerships with the three major BioAFM manufacturers, Bruker, JPK and Nanosurf.

Now what exactly does FluidFM offer to an AFM user?

FluidFM – go beyond imaging

For BioAFM users, FluidFM unlocks many exciting applications beyond imaging; ranging from single cell gene editing,  to much faster mechanical measurements such as single cell force spectroscopy (SCFS), through to direct printing of sub-micron feature patterns.

FluidFM nanosyringe and its applications

While it is not uncommon that new FluidFM users develop their unique application, popular FluidFM applications include:

FluidFM applications
FluidFM applications

Recent FluidFM highlights

FluidFM allows creative and unique AFM research, which results often in high impact publications; here is a selection of three publication highlights just from the past few months:

The FluidFM ADD-ON – tailored to your AFM

FluidFM probe for a Bruker AFM
FluidFM probe for a JPK and Nanosurf AFM
FluidFM probe for the stand-alone FluidFM BOT system

FluidFM probes - easy to use and tailored to each specific system. The FluidFM chip comes pre-glued to a FluidFM adapter that is tailored to a specific system. The FluidFM adapter features an integrated liquid reservoir and pneumatic connections.

A functional FluidFM probe needs a liquid reservoir, pneumatic connections and micrometer precise mounting. For this reason, we developed the FluidFM ADD-ON solutions in cooperation with the AFM manufacturers. This allowed us to carefully consider the geometrical and physical requirements of both the FluidFM parts as well as the AFM system. This results in a unique FluidFM probe holder design for selected AFMs and tailored FluidFM probes, accompanied by the state-of-the-art FluidFM microfluidics control system.

FluidFM ADD-ON setup

Compatible systems

FluidFM ADD-ON solutions are already available for the following AFM families:

Learn more about how you could add FluidFM to your existing AFM.