CRISPR and Single-cell OMICS with FluidFM®

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Learn about FluidFM technology that will be showcased in the Euro-BioImaging Tech Exchange. The talk "CRISPR and Single-cell OMICS with FluidFM" will be presented by Tamás Gerecsei, Sales Manager at Cytosurge, in collaboration with Evident – Olympus.

Presentation abstract:

  • The transportation of reagents into the nucleus of a cell remains one of the biggest challenges in gene engineering. FluidFM solves this problem by direct intracellular delivery. Thanks to the gentle injection process almost any mammalian cell can be transfected with high viability and minimal off-target effect due to lower Cas9 concentrations.

  • Live cell sequencing (live-seq) is a revolutionary method that enables researchers to take transcriptome snapshots of a single cell without disrupting cellular viability or physiology thanks to the gentle biopsy with FluidFM. This makes it possible to obtain further downstream molecular and phenotypic analysis after the transcriptome snapshot from exactly the same cell. Even more so, Live-seq can provide multiple, temporal transcriptome snapshots of the very same cell over time.

  • These and other single-cell based manipulations are possible with Fluidic Force Microscopy (FluidFM), a unique method based on force-controlled cantilevers with an integrated microfluidic channel.

Speaker biography:

Dr. Tamás Gerecsei holds a PhD in biophysics from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. His main research area was cell adhesion research with a special focus on single-cell force spectroscopy by FluidFM. After years in academic research, he joined Cytosurge to help the development and propagation of FluidFM technology. 

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Dr. Tamás Gerecsei, Sales Manager

Date & Time
Friday July 29, 2022
2:00 PM 2:30 PM (Europe/Zurich)

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