Cytoplasmic Live-Cell Biopsies for Temporal Single-Cell Profiling

📅 Tuesday, March 12th ⌛️ 15’ Talk + 20’ Real-time Demo +10’ Q&A ✅ REGISTER NOW !

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Join us for an upcoming webinar about Live-seq & cytoplasmic biopsies!

This webinar introduces the concept of live-cell sequencing (live-seq) through conducting single-cell biopsies. The innovative approach presented uses Fluidic Force Microscopy (FluidFM®) to gently extract a part of the cytoplasm from individual living cells while preserving their viability. These cytoplasmic biopsies can be used for subsequent highly sensitive, low-input RNA-seq analysis to characterize multiple times, single cells throughout their entire lifetime. 

Join us for an informative session led by Dr. Tamás Gerecsei, Instruments Sales Manager, as we seek to uncover the potential implications of cytoplasmic biopsies for advancing the comprehension of intricate cellular processes, thus fostering new dimensions in cellular analysis and molecular investigation.

✅ Cytoplasmic Live-Cell Biopsies for Temporal Single-Cell Profiling

🗣 Dr. Tamás Gerecsei, Instruments Sales Manager

📅 Tuesday, March 12th

⏰ 4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST | 7 AM PST

⌛️ 15’ Talk + 20’ Real-time Demo +10’ Q&A

📜 During this webinar, you will: 

Learn about Live-seq and the diverse applications where cytoplasmic biopsies could significantly impact single-cell research.

• Gain an understanding of the single-cell biopsy workflow on the FluidFM OMNIUM platform and learn how a single-cell biopsy can be taken from a cell without killing it. 

Witness the single cell biopsy workflow in action during a real-time demonstration of cytoplasmic live cell extraction.

💡 If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact me directly at

We look forward to having you with us during this webinar!

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Tuesday March 12, 2024
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