DASCS 2019 Stem Cell Conference

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FluidFM optimizes CRISPR gene editing.

At the DASCS 2019 Stem Cell conference, we will present our ground-breaking FluidFM BOT system that optimizes CRISPR-Cas transfection by delivering molecules such as proteins, RNAs, and plasmids directly into the nucleus.

Use the FluidFM BOT system to deliver your CRISPR-Cas complexes into cells that are difficult to transfect with conventional methods. You can selectively choose the cell you want to inject within a cell culture, and deliver your CRISPR-Cas complex directly to where it is required: the nucleus.

Transfection of plasmids using FluidFM nano-injection enables the delivery of genetic material in a less stressful manner than with conventional methods, thereby significantly increasing cell viability. In contrast to some conventional transfection methods, no toxic compounds are necessary to allow the DNA vector to enter the cell. Observe the expression of your plasmid as early as 3 hours post injection.

The FluidFM BOT system is an unmatched tool to introduce a vast variety of materials of your choice into a cell. From small molecules to proteins, RNAs, and plasmids, the FluidFM nanosyringe can be loaded with – and thus deliver – virtually any kind of liquid-based solution, of differing viscosities, in a cell-context preserving, gentle (cell viability ~95%), measurable (fL volumes) and fast (inject 100+ cells/hour) manner.

The efficiency of the FluidFM nano-injection has already been demonstrated in a wide variety of cell types such as HeLa, HEK, CHO, C2C12 myoblasts, pork neurones and human iPS cells.


About the Conference

The DASCS Stem Cell Conference "Stem Cells in Personalized Medicine" covers the following topics:

  • Hematopoetic stem cells

  • Tissue regeneration – in vitro & in situ

  • Commercialisation of stem cell therapies

  • Cancer stem cells and precision oncology

  • Stem cells in drug development

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On-site from Cytosurge:
Alexander Serre, VP Cell + Bioscience BU

If you wish to have a scheduled meeting during the event, kindly send an e-mail to:
Alexander Serre, VP Cell + Bioscience BU

For more information on the event, please go to the website of DASCS 2019 Stem Cell Conference.

Date & Time
Thursday May 02, 2019
Start - 9:00 AM (Europe/Zurich)
Friday May 03, 2019
End - 2:00 PM (Europe/Zurich)

Munkebjerg Hotel

Munkebjergvej 125
Vejle 7100
--Munkebjerg Hotel--
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0045 30 77 68 27

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