Latsis Symposium on Genome and Transcriptome Engineering

Latsis Symposium on Genome and Transcriptome Engineering - June 13 - 14 - Zurich, Switzerland

We're attending the Latsis Symposium on Genome and Transcriptome Engineering!

To explore FluidFM solutions, book an 1:1 meeting during the event with one of our experts:

  • Dr. Adele Kerjouan, CellEDIT Product Manager, to discuss CRISPR Gene Engineering and discover CellEDIT' unique single-cell transfection workflow. To meet Adele, please drop her an email at
  • Dr. Tobias Beyer, Application Specialist to gain insight into Live-seq and cytoplasmic biopsies. To have a chat with Tobias, please reach out to him at

About the conference:

Genome and transcriptome engineering have transformed both basic research and the development of advanced therapies. We invite you to a two-day symposium featuring leading speakers from both academic and industrial sectors at the forefront of this field. The event will cover a range of topics, including the latest research findings and practical applications.

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Date & Time
Thursday June 13, 2024
Start - 9:00 AM (Europe/Zurich)
Friday June 14, 2024
End - 6:00 PM (Europe/Zurich)

ETH Zurich

Room ETF E1
Sternwartstrasse 7
8092 Zurich
--ETH Zurich--
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