Nanoengineering for Mechanobiology - N4M

6th edition

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N4M aims to bring together, in an informal context, great scientists from all over the world, exploiting nanoengineering tools to address fascinating mechanobiology problems. 

The ivory tower atmosphere of the location offers an ideal environment to discuss new ideas and meet companies offering cutting-edge technological tools in the field. The scientific program is organized along 5 thematic sessions:

  • Mechanobiology of tissues

  • Epithelial Mechanobiology

  • Mechanochemistry

  • Tunable biomaterials

  • Translation of mechanobiological insights/methods into clinical settings

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Sunday, March 27, in the Mechanosensing session from 5 - 8 pm

High throughput single-cell adhesion measurements enabled by fluidic force microscopy

Understanding the adhesion of cells to surfaces is one of the central problems of mechanobiology. Many techniques have been developed to measure adhesion forces; however, a tradeoff exists between throughput, accuracy, and single-cell capability. Fluidic force microscopy (FluidFM®) combines the advantages of AFM and microfluidics to enable automated, serial measurement of single-cell detachment events. Individual cells are reversibly immobilized to the FluidFM cantilever via suction and detached from the surface. After force-distance curves have been recorded during detachment, the cells are released with a pressure pulse and an automated washing cleans any debris from the cantilever. This workflow is completely hands-off and enables measuring up to 200 force-distance curves in a single day. The method can be applied to cell-to-cell adhesion force measurements as well as experiments with endothelial layers.

Tamás Gerecsei, Life Science Application Scientist at Cytosurge

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Date & Time
Sunday March 27, 2022
Start - 3:00 PM (Europe/Zurich)
Thursday March 31, 2022
End - 1:00 PM (Europe/Zurich)

Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi

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Camogli Genova 16032
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