NextGen Omics UK

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NextGen Omics UK: In-Person will bring together Europe’s most successful omics research experts. The series provides an excellent networking platform with 4 key discussion topics:
1. Next Generation Sequencing & Clinical Diagnostics;
2. Single Cell & Spatial Analysis;
3. Genome Editing;
4. Digital PCR.

Attend our talk

Attend our talk by Dr. Tamás Gerecsei, Sales Manager at Cytosurge to learn more about our cutting-edge FluidFM OMNIUM system and how it enables temporal transcriptome snapshots of single cells, in an easy to use and automated manner, all whilst keeping cells alive!

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Date & Time
Wednesday November 09, 2022
Start - 7:00 AM (Europe/London)
Thursday November 10, 2022
End - 4:00 PM (Europe/London)

London, UK

--London, UK--
--London, UK--
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