Targets & Cell Types in Immuno-Oncology

Europe Edition 2023 | November 14 - 15 | Booth #22 - Berlin, Germany

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Join us BOOTH #22 for Targets & Cell Types in Immuno-Oncology | Europe 2023!

With emerging targets and drug candidates in immuno-oncology, researchers and industry leaders from pharmaceutical and biotech organizations will be show casing innovative approaches and methods for target identification & validation.

➡️ What to expect from the event?

  • Hear from and meet with the key innovators in novel targets & cell types in immuno-oncology. 
  • Discuss the latest innovations in novel targets & target validation in immuno-oncology. 
  • Discover collaborative solutions to novel cell types to develop effective IO therapies. Delve into case studies in the utilization of various cellular therapies such as TILs, suppressor & myeloid cells, preclinical tumor models and bispecific antibodies activating the immune system.
  • Join a series of roundtables, panel discussions and workshops pertaining to the latest immuno-oncology research & development.

➡️ Why should you meet us during the event? 

Cytosurge offers a unique capability to manipulate individual cells with the help of the FluidFM technology, including the FluidFM OMNIUM platform and the CellEDIT CRISPR Cell Line Engineering Service

This cutting-edge technology enables the direct injection of CRISPR reagents into the cell's nucleus for precision gene engineering, and the gentle cytoplasmic extraction - biopsy for temporal single-cell profiling, across a broad range of cell types and applications, while ensuring that cell viability is maintained. 

Such solutions can help to:

✅ Deepen your understanding of tumor-immune dynamics.

✅ Accelerate drug discovery processes

✅ Aid the development and optimization of novel immuno-oncology therapies.


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Date & Time
Tuesday November 14, 2023
Start - 9:00 AM (Europe/Berlin)
Wednesday November 15, 2023
End - 5:30 PM (Europe/Berlin)

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