Vienna International Symposium 2023

Elucidating Principles of Development with Stem Cells

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Join Cytosurge - Booth #8, in Vienna, Austria where global stem cell scientists will convene to explore the core biological principles governing development and regeneration. 

The latest advances in pluripotent stem cell-based organ and embryo models are offering unparalleled insights into cellular interplay that leads to the formation of tissues, organs, and organisms. Renowned experts from various developmental biology fields will share how they utilize cutting-edge stem cell technologies to decipher embryogenesis fundamentals. Covering topics from tissue self-organization, tissue mechanics, and genetic programs to developmental timing and morphogen gradients, this distinctive program aims to unravel the pivotal biological processes driving development and, ultimately, regeneration.

Vienna International Symposium 2023

➡️ What to expect from the event?

  • Collaborate with global stem cell scientists on fundamental biological concepts related to development and regeneration.
  • Delve into exciting advancements in pluripotent stem cell-based organ and embryo models, offering deep insights into cell integration in tissue and organ formation.
  • Engage with leading experts on the latest stem cell technologies to comprehend embryogenesis principles, covering topics from tissue mechanics and self-organization to genetic programs and morphogen gradients.

➡️ Why should you meet us during the event? 

Cytosurge offers a unique capability to manipulate individual cells with the help of the FluidFM technology, including the FluidFM OMNIUM platform and the CellEDIT CRISPR Cell Line Engineering Service

This cutting-edge technology enables the direct injection of CRISPR reagents into the cell's nucleus for precision gene engineering, and the gentle cytoplasmic extraction - biopsy for temporal single-cell profiling, across a broad range of cell types and applications, while ensuring that cell viability is maintained. 

Such solutions can help to:

✅ Deepen your understanding of cellular heterogeneity and interactions.

✅ Map Differentiation Pathways.

✅ Pave the way for more targeted and effective therapeutic strategies.


📨 Feel free to drop us a line at if you wish to discuss further or to book a 1:1 meeting during the conference!

More information about the event available here.

Date & Time
Monday December 04, 2023
Start - 11:00 AM (Europe/Zurich)
Wednesday December 06, 2023
End - 2:30 PM (Europe/Zurich)

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