FluidFM micropipette

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FluidFM Micropipette



Silicon Nitride (SiN)

Cantilever Dimensions:

Inside height:

200 x 36 x 1.7 µm (LxWxH)

1500 nm for 4 N/m ,1000 nm for 2 N/m and 500 nm for 1 N/m and 0.3 N/m

Specified Spring Constant:

0.3 N/m, 2 N/m or 4 N/m, 4 N/m only with 8 µm apertures

Opening Type:

Circular, flat

Aperture Size:

2 µm, 4 µm or 8 µm

Reflective Coating:

Cr/Au (40 nm)

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selected micropipette applications

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Single Cell 

Cells bind to various surfaces and substrates. The exact measurement of the strength and characteristics of these bonds provide valuable information for numerous biological and clinical research topics.


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Colloidal spectroscopy

Interactive forces between colloidal particles and other surfaces can be measure directly with FluidFM. A spherical colloid is the ideal probe for local elasticity measurement of complex substrates.


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