Go beyond in single cell manipulation

Gentle and accurate single-cell injection and cytoplasmic biopsies.


Explore the remarkable capability to manipulate individual cells with the help of the FluidFM technology, including the FluidFM OMNIUM instrument and the CellEDIT service. This cutting-edge technology enables precise injections and extractions across a broad range of cell types and applications while ensuring that cell viability is maintained.

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Single-Cell Profiling

Explore the potential use of the FluidFM for temporal transcriptomics.

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CRISPR Gene Editing

Find out more about the FluidFM workflow for precision CRISPR genome engineering.

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Measure cell adhesion with the FluidFM technology in native environment.

Two ways to work with us

The FluidFM technology supports a variety of solutions to cover all dimensions of single-cell manipulation from single-cell handling to the precision genome engineering for custom cell line development.


Instrument & ADD-ON for single-cell manipulation.




CellEDIT Service

CRISPR Cell Line Editing Service

Monoclonal Cell Line

Hard-to-transfect mammalian cells

Complex Edits

Knowledge Center


Discover all the resources available to provide you with key knowledge related to Life Science and Biology!


Explore 100+ publications in which FluidFM technology plays a major role. 8+ Ø impact factor.


Interesting insights on the company, applications, or persons working with FluidFM technology.

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About Us

Cytosurge AG, founded in 2009, is a biotechnology company that manufactures and distributes cutting edge solutions based on its patented FluidFM ® technology.

By uniting the best features of microfluidics and force microscopy, Cytosurge provides innovative products and services to shift boundaries in single-cell gene engineering and omics. The Cytosurge vision into the future is to contribute to human wellbeing through advancements in single cell technologies.