Transforming the status quo of gene editing with CellEDIT: 
how direct Intranuclear Injection of CRISPR RNPs renders gene editing more efficient and controllable.

In December 2023, Dr. Tobias Beyer provided a comprehensive overview of the CellEDIT service and its unique in-house developed genome engineering workflow. Gain valuable insights into:  

  • The Unique CellEDIT Approach: Learn how we leverage intranuclear injection of CRISPR RNPs into single cells, enhancing control over the editing process while minimizing off-target effects.
  • Efficient Editing of Hard-to-Transfect Cells: Discover how our specialized workflow efficiently onboards and edits challenging cell types, opening new avenues for disease-specific cell lines in drug discovery research.
  • Practical Applications: Witness the power of the CellEDIT workflow as we demonstrate its effectiveness in generating HPRT1 knockouts in both immortalized C2C12 cells and hard-to-transfect SK-MES1 cells, all starting from a mere handful of cells. 

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Discover the CellEDIT Online Quoter - an online tool to configure your cell line and obtain an instant price estimation. For further information about how our service can support your project, please reach out to us directly!