CellEDIT CRISPR Cell Line Engineering - Application note n*2  

Overcoming the hard-to-transfect cell line hurdle

Key findings

  1. The CellEDIT workflow was used to successfully generate 3 monoclonal HPRT1 knockouts in SK-MES-1 cell, a notoriously hard-to-transfect cell line.
  2. Genotype analysis of 22 clones revealed that 55% (12) of these were edited at the target site and 23% (5) of all clones displaying editing on all four alleles.
  3. Gentle delivery of CRISPR-RNPs through intranuclear injection ensured a survival rate of 65% in SK-MES-1 cells, thereby showcasing the highly controllable and gentle nature of the CellEDIT  workflow and its potential for editing notoriously hard-to-transfect cells.

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