Live-seq: Live-cell Sequencing with Single-cell Biopsies

Live-seq: Live-cell Sequencing with Single-cell Biopsies

Our collaborators from ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne showcased Live-cell sequencing (Live-Seq) using single-cell cytoplasmic biopsies. They demonstrated that by using a FluidFM Nanosyringe, it is now possible to take an extract from a cell’s cytoplasm without killing it (Cell, 2016 [1]) and that this “single-cell biopsy” is a representable snapshot of a cell’s transcriptome at a given point in time (Nature, 2022 [2]). 

Here we provide a brief summary of their findings: 

  • Taking a cytoplasmic biopsy with a FluidFM Nanosyringe preserves cell viability.
  • Live-Seq enables stratification of different cell types and states and makes it possible to record short and long cell state transitions of the same cells. 
  • Direct correlation of a cell’s transcriptome to its phenotype enables visualization of minor transcriptional events in heterogeneous cell populations.

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