Advancing the frontiers of research with the FluidFM

The FluidFM User Conference is the focal point of the FluidFM research community where different scientists gather to share their experience and latest success with the FluidFM technology. From mechanobiology to single-cell RNA sequencing, this meeting highlights the most innovative work of researchers from institutions all over the world! 

The FluidFM Conference gives current and future FluidFM users the opportunity to exchange and discuss FluidFM-related research results and methods across all applications. Join this two-day event to attend presentations by FluidFM researchers from around the world and learn more during application-specific round tables.

Four main topics will be covered through guest speakers talks and panel discussions: 

  • Genome Engineering

  • Live-seq and single-cell biopsies

  • Material Sciences

  • Mechanobiology

For any questions, please drop us a line at 

The conference program is now available!