FluidFM USA Tour 2024

Join Us on a Journey Across the USA! 🔎Check out where & when you can meet us 👇

Discover the potential of FluidFM during our journey across the USA!

We are thrilled to announce the FluidFM USA Tour 2024, an extraordinary series of events bringing cutting-edge biotechnology right to your doorstep! 🔬In this tour, Dr. Tamás Gerecsei - Instruments Sales Manager, Dr. Gorka Santos - CellEDIT Sales Manager and Simon Egli - Chief Commercial Officer, will offer you exclusive insights into pioneering solutions. 

These free events will include either lunch or coffee & snacks, along with an introduction to:

  • The Single-cell Cytoplasmic Biopsy Solution: This innovative workflow facilitates live-seq (live-cell sequencing), offering insights into the temporal evolution of transcription in individual cells.

  • The CellEDIT CRISPR Cell Line Engineering Service: Our unique approach transforms cell line engineering, allowing for complex genetic modifications in hard-to-transfect cell lines.

Embark with us as we traverse the nation, making six pivotal stops at major cities: 

🚩Seattle 📆 April 3 ⏰ 11 AM - 2 PM [Ended]

🚩Los Angeles (USC) 📆 April 4 ⏰ 11 AM - 2 PM - SIGN-UP HERE

🚩San Diego - AACR Annual Meeting 📆 April 5 - 10 - Find out more here.

🚩Houston 📆 April 11 ⏰ 11 AM - 2 PM - SIGN-UP HERE

🚩Boston 📆 April 12 ⏰ 11 AM - 2 PM - SIGN-UP HERE

🚩New York City 📆 April 17⏰ 10 - 11.30 AM - SIGN-UP HERE

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If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact directly, Tamás at tamas.gerecsei@cytosurge.com!