The Webinar Replay - Cytoplasmic Live-Cell Biopsies for Temporal Single-Cell Profiling

🎥 Watch the replay of an informative webinar led by Dr. Tamás Gerecsei, Instruments Sales Manager, as we seek to uncover the potential implications of cytoplasmic biopsies for advancing the comprehension of intricate cellular processes, thus fostering new dimensions in cellular analysis and molecular investigation. 

📜 During this webinar, you will: 

• Learn about Live-seq and the diverse applications where cytoplasmic biopsies could significantly impact single-cell research.

• Gain an understanding of the single-cell biopsy workflow on the FluidFM OMNIUM platform and learn how a single-cell biopsy can be taken from a cell without killing it. 

• Witness the single cell biopsy workflow in action during a real-time demonstration of cytoplasmic live cell extraction.