Introducing FluidFM® CellEDIT Service

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Combining the power of CRISPR with FluidFM            
to provide engineered cell lines as a service

During his presentation Dr. Tobias Beyer, our Chief Scientific Officer, for the first time publicly introduces our new cell engineering service and you will learn:

  • What is FluidFM and how can it be applied to cell line engineering

  • True single cell genome engineering: the power of the bottom-up approach

  • High quality monoclonal cell lines by reducing off-target editing and avoiding the tedious selection process

  • Customized design and consulting by our experts

  • Recent customer projects

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Dr. Tobias Beyer, Chief Scientific Officer

Interested to find out more about the cell engineering service already now?

Sensitive cells? Need a high-quality genome edit?

We create the cell line for you!

Based on our FluidFM technology we have established a CRISPR cell line development service that is especially suited for hard-to-transfect and rare cells. We do not shy away from editing primary cells, iPSCs, TERT-immortalized cell lines or other sensitive cell lines – adherent or in suspension. As we work vector-free, we also offer complex edits, like knock-in (KI) with large repair templates or multiple knock-outs (like triple KO). Benefit from novel disease models and complex edits thanks to FluidFM-based CellEDIT Service.

Hard-to-transfect or rare mammalian cells

TERT immortalized cells
Primary cells

Complex edits

Multiple knock-out
Large repair templates

High quality & efficiency

Higher HDR efficiency
Less off-target effects
Guaranteed monoclonality

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