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The FluidFM ADD-ON greatly extends the application scope of classical atomic force microscopes (AFMs) beyond imaging and force spectroscopy. Take advantage of more than 8 distinctive applications, now accessible thanks to the FluidFM ADD-ON.

The FluidFM ADD-ON is tailored to specific AFM scan heads and brings you the highest flexibility by enabling all FluidFM applications – from single cell adhesion, through nano-injection into single cells and colloidal studies, to nano-printing and beyond.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Lucifer yellow injected into HeLa cells with a FluidFM nanosyringe. The injected volumes can be quantified through image analysis and are typically in the range of 50 fL to 300 fL.​

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A yeast S. Cerevisiae is picked up with a FluidFM micropipette and released again. The adhesion forces and mechanical properties of more than 200 yeasts can be quantified per day in this manner with the FluidFM ADD-ON.​

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Nano-printing of 2D structures is possible with a FluidFM nanopipette in air or water, and for a wide range of inks and viscosities.

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A HeLa cell detached from adherent culture with a FluidFM micropipette. The spherical shape of the cell indicates that it is fully detached. The adhesion force is quantified during the process.​

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

The bacterium S.Pyogenes picked up with a FluidFM nanopipette.​

Courtesy E. Potthoff, ETH Zurich​

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Colloids of 60 µm are picked with a FluidFM micropipette and brought in contact with cell culture to study mechanochemical interactions.​

Colloids from sub-µm to 100 µm can be manipulated this way and later released with a pressure pulse.

How the FluidFM ADD-ON brings even more "Bio" into BioAFMs.


The FluidFM ADD-ON solutions have been developed in cooperation with our AFM partner companies. This allowed to carefully consider the geometrical and physical needs of both the FluidFM parts as well as the AFM system.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
JPK NanoWizard, CellHesion, ForceRobot

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  • FluidFM probes enabling all FluidFM applications. FluidFM probes are tailored to the geometrical and physical requirements of the specific AFM.

  • Custom FluidFM probe holder for a specific AFM assuring safe, tight and reliable mounting of FluidFM probes.

  • FluidFM microfluidics control system (MFCS) to aspirate or release liquids through the FluidFM probe. 

  • Barcode reader to access all relevant probe characteristics, most importantly a unique SEM image of every probe.

  • A dedicated FluidFM fluorescence camera with a digital filling assistant.

  • FluidFM CORA software, which gives convenient access and control to all components mentioned above.

  • The installation is quick and easy: Set the FluidFM ADD-ON up in 20 minutes with the help of this online video.

Close-up of a specific AFM (Nanosurf FlexAFM scan head) with a mounted FluidFM probe.
FluidFM probe for Bruker AFMs
FluidFM probe for JPK AFMs
FluidFM probe for Nanosurf AFMs