Keynote Speaker: Live-seq: a FluidFM-based single-cell transcriptomics approach to study cellular dynamics and communication - Session Live-seq & Biopsies
9/5/23, 10:15 AM - 9/5/23, 10:50 AM (Europe/Zurich) (35 minutes)

Dr. Orane Guillaume-Gentil

Deplancke Group, Laboratory of Systems Biology and Genetics.
EPFL. Lausanne, Switzerland

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Abstract: In this talk, I will share my research on Live-seq, a transformative single-cell transcriptomics approach that does not require cell isolation and lysis. Live-seq uses FluidFM Nanosyringes to retrieve cytosolic picoliter biopsies from living cells, which are then analyzed with a highly-sensitive, ultra-low input RNA-seq protocol. The resulting gene expression profiles are faithful representations of intact cell transcriptomes, while the sampled cells remain alive and functional in their original microenvironment. Live-seq makes it therefore possible to perform spatially-resolved longitudinal profiling and phenotyping of individual cells, unlocking exciting opportunities for investigating cellular dynamics and cell-cell communication.