Stand-alone and highly automated system.


The FluidFM OMNIUM (formerly called FluidFM BOT) is a highly automated, easy to use system for single cell research.

The cutting-edge system can be used for applications such as CRISPR genome engineering, monoclonal cell line development, virology, neuroscience, and mechanobiology. Benefit from fast and simple system preparation as well as extensive automation and observation features.


Quick start

System ready within 10 minutes

Fast probe exchange

In 5 minutes due to automatic probe gripping 

Intuitive software

Point-and-click cell selection

Speed-up your research with the FluidFM OMNIUM

Point-and-click interface

  • Application-specific workflows

  • Easy cell selection - target the nucleus or cytoplasm

  • XY-coordinates of the edited cells are being recorded

  • Observation and time lapse features

  • Multi-user data management

FluidFM OMNIUM in action

Stand-alone system

  • Temperature and CO2-controlled incubator

  • Fluorescence microscopy – up to 8 filter sets

  • Fully motorized

  • Minimal footprint

  • Powered by an Olympus IX83 microscope

  • Fully compatible with standard cell culture containers from petri-dishes to 12 & 24 well plates

Optimized FluidFM Probes

Our hollow FluidFM Probes exist in a variety of tip shapes, aperture sizes and mechanical specifications, specifically designed to enable a variety of applications – from CRISPR cell line development, neuroscience, and mechanobiology to nanoprinting.
FluidFM Probes are filled with less than 1 µl solution and obtain zero dead volume – save previous material.
More information on FluidFM Probes

Cross section of a FluidFM probe
Empower your research with the FluidFM OMNIUM.

From CRISPR cell line development in less than three weeks to fast single cell force spectroscopy, nanoprinting and neuroscience.