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We’ll handle the CRISPR editing so you can run your experiment faster and finish your project sooner. The CHO cell line is derived from an ovarian biopsy of an adult female Chinese hamster in 1957, is widely used in industrial biotechnology and toxicology research.

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Cricetulus griseus, hamster, Chinese

CHO Cell Line Applications

  Biopharmaceutical Production: CHO cells are the most used mammalian cell lines to produce therapeutic proteins, including monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, and hormones. Their ability to produce high yields of recombinant proteins with human-like post-translational modifications makes them invaluable in the pharmaceutical industry.


 Gene Expression Studies: These cells are used to study gene expression, regulation, and the effects of gene editing. Researchers often employ CHO cells to produce and analyze recombinant proteins.


 Drug Screening and Toxicology: CHO cells are used in high-throughput screening assays to test the efficacy and toxicity of new drugs. Their stable growth and high productivity make them ideal for these applications.


 Vaccine Production: CHO cells are used in the development and production of vaccines, including those for viral diseases. They provide a safe and efficient system for producing viral antigens.


 Cell Biology Research: CHO cells serve as a model system for studying various cellular processes, including cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, and signal transduction pathways.


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Utilize CellEDIT's expertise to elevate your research performance. Engineered CHO cell lines are widely used in various research and industrial applications due to their robustness, adaptability, and ease of genetic manipulation. Overall, CHO cell lines are a versatile tool in biotechnology and biomedical research, contributing significantly to advancements in drug development, genetic engineering, and therapeutic protein production. With the CellEDIT workflow, we can efficiently generate for you, custom engineered CHO cell lines through direct intra-nuclear injection, designed to suit your project needs.

CellEDIT Engineered CHO Cell Lines - Cytosurge
Efficient on 
Hard-to-transfect cells
CellEDIT Engineered CHO Cell Lines - Cytosurge
direct intra-nuclear delivery
CellEDIT Engineered CHO Cell Lines - Cytosurge
Minimized Off-Target

Multiplex Gene Editing

Find out how the CellEDIT workflow boosted the editing efficiency while preserving cell characteristics and functionality in single and multiple KO CHO-K1 clones.

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Save time in the lab by powering your research with CellEDIT. Confidently streamline your drug discovery workflow and investigate gene function with effective CRISPR knockouts.

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Leverage CellEDIT's expertise to increase your research output. Confidently generate disease models to fasten your discoveries. Access Knock-ins CRISPR Cell Lines without sacrificing time.

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