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HeLa cells represent the first immortal human cells to be grown in culture and the basis for countless significant scientific breakthroughs. They were isolated in 1951 from a cervical carcinoma derived from a 31-year-old patient.

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Uterus; Cervix

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African American

HeLa Cell Line Applications

 Cancer Research: HeLa cells are extensively used to study the biology of cancer, including tumor growth, metastasis, and the effects of various cancer treatments.


 Virology: These cells are a critical tool in virology research, helping scientists understand the life cycles of viruses, how viruses infect cells, and the cellular responses to viral infections. HeLa cells have been instrumental in the development of vaccines, including the polio vaccine.


 Genetic Research: HeLa cells are used to explore gene function, regulation, and expression, making them valuable for understanding genetic diseases and developing gene therapies.


 Drug Testing and Development: The cell line is commonly used in high-throughput screening assays to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of new pharmaceutical compounds, aiding in the drug discovery and development process.


 Toxicology Studies: HeLa cells are utilized to assess the cytotoxic effects of various chemicals and environmental agents, providing insights into their safety and potential health risks.


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Advance your research with CellEDIT’s expertise. A custom engineered HeLa cell line is a cornerstone of biological research due to its remarkable ability to proliferate indefinitely, providing a consistent and reliable model for studying cancer biology. It has been pivotal in virology, contributing to significant breakthroughs like the development of the polio vaccine. Additionally, HeLa cells are widely used in genetic research, drug testing, and toxicology studies, making them invaluable for advancing medical and scientific knowledge. With the CellEDIT workflow, we can support you with custom and monoclonal knockout HeLa cell lines, suited for your project needs.

CellEDIT Engineered HeLa Cell Line - Cytosurge
Efficient on 
Hard-to-transfect cells
CellEDIT Engineered HeLa Cell Line - Cytosurge
direct intra-nuclear delivery
CellEDIT Engineered HeLa Cell Line - Cytosurge
Minimized Off-Target

Immortalized Cells

Learn how 
the CellEDIT workflow was used to generate 5 monoclonal Hprt knockouts in C2C12 cell line through direct intra-nuclear injection of only 51 cells. 

Hard-to-Transfect Cells

Discover how 
the CellEDIT workflow was used to produce 3 monoclonal HPRT1 knockouts in SK-MES-1 cell, a notoriously hard-to-transfect cell line.

Multiplex Gene Editing

Find out how 
the CellEDIT workflow boosted the editing efficiency while preserving cell characteristics and functionality in single and multiple KO CHO-K1 clones.

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Save time in the lab by empowering your research with CellEDIT. Confidently streamline your drug discovery workflow and investigate gene function with effective CRISPR knockouts.

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Leverage CellEDIT's expertise to increase your research output. Confidently generate disease models to fasten your discoveries. Access Knock-ins CRISPR Cell Lines without sacrificing time.

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