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HEK293 is an epithelial cell line derived from the kidney of a human embryo. It is widely used in industrial biotechnology and toxicology research, with applications in efficacy and virucide testing.

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HEK293 Cell Line Applications

 Protein Expression: HEK293 cells are widely used for the production of recombinant proteins, including therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies. This is due to their high transfection efficiency and ability to perform human-like post-translational modifications.


 Gene Function Studies: Researchers utilize HEK293 cells to study gene expression, regulation, and the functional roles of specific genes, making them a valuable tool for genetic research


 Drug Screening and Development: HEK293 cells are employed in high-throughput screening assays to test the efficacy and toxicity of new drug candidates, facilitating the drug discovery process.


 Viral Vector Production: These cells are commonly used to produce viral vectors, such as adenoviruses and lentiviruses, which are essential tools in gene therapy and genetic research.

 Signal Transduction Research: HEK293 cells are used to investigate cellular signaling pathways, helping to elucidate the mechanisms of signal transduction and their implications in various diseases, including cancer and neurological disorders.


 Protein-Protein Interaction Studies: As HEK293 cells are easily transfected, they are often used to investigate binary interactions of two ectopically expressed proteins. After transfection of the proteins of interest, the potential interaction are studied by co-immunoprecipitation studies.


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Maximize your research capabilities with the help of CellEDIT. Custom engineered HEK293 cell lines are crucial in biological research due to their high transfection efficiency, making it ideal for producing recombinant proteins and studying gene function. It plays a significant role in drug discovery and development by enabling high-throughput screening of drug candidates. Additionally, HEK293 cells are essential for producing viral vectors used in gene therapy and genetic research. With the CellEDIT workflow, we can support you with custom and monoclonal knockout HEK293 cell lines suited for your project needs.

CellEDIT Engineered HEK293 Cell Line - Cytosurge
Efficient on 
Hard-to-transfect cells
CellEDIT Engineered HEK293 Cell Line - Cytosurge
direct intra-nuclear delivery
CellEDIT Engineered HEK293 Cell Line - Cytosurge
Minimized Off-Target

Immortalized Cells

Find out how 
the CellEDIT workflow enabled the generation of 5 monoclonal Hprt  knockout C2C12 cell lines through direct intra-nuclear injection of only 51 cells.

Hard-to-Transfect Cells

Discover how 
the CellEDIT workflow facilitated the production of 3 monoclonal HPRT1 knockout SK-MES-1 cell lines, which are notoriously hard-to-transfect.

Multiplex Gene Editing

Explore how 
the CellEDIT workflow boosted the editing efficiency while preserving cell characteristics and functionality in single and multiple KO CHO-K1 clones.

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Save time in the lab by empowering your research with CellEDIT. Confidently streamline your drug discovery workflow and investigate gene function with effective CRISPR knockouts.

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Leverage CellEDIT's expertise to increase your research output. Confidently generate disease models to fasten your discoveries. Access Knock-ins CRISPR Cell Lines without sacrificing time.

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