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Single cell crispr delivery

Deliver your CRISPR-Cas complexes directly to where they are needed: the nucleus.

Fluorescent CRISPR-Cas9 complexes injected into mouse primary hepatocytes with the FluidFM Bio-CRISPR.
Fluorescent CRISPR-Cas9 complexes injected into mouse primary hepatocytes with the CRISPR system.

With traditional delivery methods, such as lipofection or electroporation, the success of CRISPR-Cas editing is often very low: HDR efficiency is often very poor and cell viability is low. This is especially critical when working with rare or hard-to-transfect cells such as iPSCs, neurons or cardiomyocytes.

With the FluidFM CRISPR system, deliver your CRISPR-Cas complexes directly to where they are required: the nucleus. This avoids the risk of degradation of the repair template in the cytoplasm, therefore increasing the chance of HDR event to occur.

Using a fluorescent tracer, you can ensure that 100% of your targeted cells will be delivered with your CRISPR-Cas complexes. Moreover, the gentle process of injection with the CRISPR system preserves cell viability over 95%.

Whether you are working with hard-to-transfect cells like iPSCs or a standard cell line such as CHO cells, you can selectively choose the cells you want to inject within a cell culture. The neighboring cells won’t be affected.

Cell friendly

No toxic compounds, high viability (> 95%)

Targeted intracellular delivery

Directly inject selectively into nucleus or cytoplasm


Inject into hard-to-transfect cells

Fast & easy

Process hundreds of cells/hour with intuitive software

FluidFM nano-injection directly into the cell

how it works

Through the microfluidic channel inside a FluidFM probe, CRISPR-Cas complexes can be dispensed through a sub-micrometer aperture at the tip of a cantilever. The sensitive force feedback system provides a reliable distinction between gentle contact with cell membranes and perforation, making it possible to inject directly into single cells and even selectively choose the nucleus or cytoplasm to be injected. Check here the video explaining the working principle of FluidFM nano-injection.

The specific probe used for the direct delivery of CRISPR-Cas complexes into a cell is our FluidFM nanosyringe. It enables injection into single cells without compromising cell viability. The very sharp apex and the around 600 nm aperture at the front side of the pyramidal tip enable gentle injection and allow to work with compounds with several molecular weights and densities.

For more information on the FluidFM technology, please see here.


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