CellEDIT CRISPR Cell Line Engineering Service

Custom CRISPR cell line engineering service through direct intra-nuclear delivery.

CellEDIT for Precision CRISPR Cell Line Engineering

Let us support you with reliable, high-quality gene edits.

Step into a world of precise gene editing, starting from a single cell. The CellEDIT workflow is celebrated for its gentle approach and accurate editing, thanks to a careful intra-nuclear injection of editing reagents. But wait, there's more. Not only does the intra-nuclear injection minimize the impact of transfection on the cells, but it also allows for genetic modifications with unparalleled control. Take advantage of our unique single-cell gene editing workflow today and obtain reliable and high-quality edits.

CellEDIT CRISPR Cell Line Engineering Service

Efficient on
Hard-to-transfect cells

Vector-free editing by 
intra-nuclear delivery

Reduced Off-Targets

Genome editing reagents are delivered into the cell through direct intranuclear injection with a nanosyinge, without cargo-size limitations.

The gentle and controlled nano-injection of gene editing reagents ensures high cell viability unlike other cell transfection methods. 

By starting from injection of a defined number of reagents into single mammalian cells, we enable high editing precision and controllability.

Because we start from single cells, monoclonality is guaranteed. Due to the high controllability of gene editing starting from single cells, only a few cells are needed. 

Workflow - Introducing edits with precision, one cell at a time.

The CellEDIT workflowbased on the FluidFM technology, brings genome editing reagents directly into the nucleus of a single cell. The force-controlled nano-pipettes, make injection highly gentle, compatible with most mammalian cell types, and vector-free. 

Spend your time running experiments, not generating your CRISPR engineered cell lines. Let CellEDIT fasten your research by generating your custom engineered cell lines.

N.B. Our streamline and efficient cell line development workflow is currently available on scientist.com - the digital research marketplace. 

FluidFM CellEDIT Service Workflow

CRISPR Cell Line Engineering Service | FAQ

What does CellEDIT service provide?
  • gRNA design from the CellEDIT experts.
  • Two edited clones & two Wild Type clones that went through the CellEDIT workflow (1 cryovial per clone). 
  • Full gRNA design report before starting the CellEDIT workflow.
  • Full final report including sequencing results of both alleles, monoclonality proof, mycoplasma testing.
What does CellEDIT offer on demand?
  • Additional clones.
  • Off-target analysis & Report. 
  • Additional information useful for further analysis or publication can be also provided on request.
  • Extended quality control available on request.

How does CellEDIT service work?

To provide the best editing service, onboarding of your cell line and injection optimization are required prior to starting the CellEDIT workflow. Once we are familiar with your cell line, the CellEDIT workflow starts with the single-cell injection of CRISPR reagents and ends once we obtained successfully edited clones.

Why should I use the CellEDIT online quoter?

Cell line editing can be a complex and time-consuming process, but the CellEDIT online quoter is here to simplify it for you. With just four clicks, you can get a quotation for your next cell line!

  1. Select your desired cell line from the list provided. If your cell line is not on the list, simply add it to the "comments" section.
  2. Choose the type of edit you need and select the gene you wish to target. If you are unsure of the exact target gene, you can choose any other gene. In the comment section, you can provide any additional information you would like to share with us, ensuring that we have a complete understanding of your needs.
  3. Choose any additional deliverables you require, and click "Get a quote" to submit your request.

Upon submitting your request, our team will receive the information and respond to you within two business days. With the CellEDIT online quoter, getting a quotation for your next cell line has never been easier.

Can I send my own cells?

Yes, this is possible. If you wish to send your own cells, please keep “User-supplied” in the CellEDIT online quoter selection.  With this, you confirm that Cytosurge is allowed to perform edits on the indicated cell lines on your behalf.

Can you purchase a cell line for me?

For simplified licensing formalities and reduced costs, and if you work in Academia, we recommend you to either:

  • Send your cell lines directly to Cytosurge.
  • Order cells in your name and ship them directly to Cytosurge.

Otherwise, we can purchase a cell line for you from established companies (e.g. Sigma, Thermo Fisher, ATCC). The costs for the cells, shipping and (if required) the licensing fees will be added to the quote.

Which shipping company should I use for sending the cells?

Cytosurge has partner companies that can take care of the shipping for you. Alternatively, you can use your preferred shipping company at your own risk. Please make sure that you inform us in advance that your cells are being shipped, and provide us with all required information (provider, tracking number).

Do I have to fill out customs documents if I ship my cells?

We will provide you with all the required documentation. The cells are picked up by our courier service on Mondays or Tuesdays to avoid weekend shipping.

What do you do with my generated cells after the CellEDIT service?

Your edited cells will be kept for a maximum of 3 months after shipping the order to you. Upon request, this period can be extended. 

Cytosurge does not claim any IP on your cells or edits. The license belongs to the organization that purchased the edited cells

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